Crazy salad: a fresh and gourmet party starter

Forget cotillions and firecrackers! The crazy thing about this crazy salad is that it actually hides gourmet and quality dishes. Add foie gras, smoked salmon or even duck breast to make a festive, original and gourmet starter. Here's a nice idea for Christmas!

There is no question of denying our gluttony at the end of the year celebrations. Offer a Christmas salad as a starter? This is the ultimate cold starter recipe. This easy and cheap Christmas starter allows you not to stall your guests' stomachs, while offering them holiday-worthy flavours. Discover our salad recipes, for gourmet and colourful party starters.
Mix salads

Mesclun, mash, arugula, but also lettuce or spinach shoots: as many salads as possible to play with tastes and colors. You can mix them together, or bet on a variety you particularly like.

Foie gras in the spotlight

No way to cut it! Foie gras is an authentic Christmas met. Whether you prefer it pan-fried, with a tea towel, or even homemade, foie gras is available in many forms and flavors. Pairing very well with sweet, you can incorporate seasonal fruits such as grapes, clementines, apples or figs into your salad. But also dried fruits such as apricots or cranberries (cranberry).

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Magret for a salad that smells good southwest

Whether your breast is smoked or raw, take advantage of its salty taste to combine it with softer notes. It will reveal all its sweetness with a tender salad, and why not a few nuts. And to play the sweet and salty to the end, use raspberry vinegar for dressing, or black cherry jam, which will enhance the taste of your breast.

The recipe for writing: duck breast mash salad.
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Seafood for a fresh and colourful salad

For those who would prefer fish as an appetizer it is also very easy to have fun. From lobster to shrimp to smoked salmon, there is no shortage of seafood. Again, treat yourself by seasoning your salad with citrus fruits. These seasonal fruits and their juices will awaken your taste buds and embellish your sauce.

An egg in the centre

But if you don't want meat or fish as a starter, but prefer something lighter, why not put an egg in your salad? And to make your starter more original than a hard-boiled egg salad, cook them differently and get a soft or poached egg to present to each diner.

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