Cyril Lignac's Bread

A classic! Enjoy this gourmet recipe, simple to make.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

1. For the caramel:
- 160g caster sugar

- 300g whole liquid cream

- 200g roasted and crushed hazelnuts

2. For the bread:

- 25 cl whole milk

- 35g caster sugar

- 3 whole eggs

- 2 vanilla pods

- 4 slices of mousseline brioche

- 25g soft butter

- a few pears in syrup

1. In a first saucepan, pour in the sugar and form a blond caramel.

2. In a second saucepan, pour the cream and boil. Off the heat, gently pour the hot cream into the caramel, making sure you don't burn. Reduce if necessary. Caramel should not be too liquid. Add the hazelnuts and set aside. When serving, the caramel should be melting and hot but not hot.

. Mix cold milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla bean pulp. Dip each slice of brioche into this mixture. Drain on a wire rack. Melt the butter in a frying pan, place the slices of brioche on top. Sprinkle with sugar and leave to brown on both sides, dringening caramel, which forms in the pan.

4. Remove the bread and place it on the plates, add cubes of pears to the warm syrup and a spoonful of homemade hazelnut caramel.

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