Cucumber and apple detox juice

There's nothing like detox drinks to eliminate toxins and fill up on vitamins. Ideal for a detox cure, this vegetarian green juice with cucumber and apples is simple and quick to make. You don't have to have a centrifuge or juicer, you can simply prepare it in your blender.

  •     1 cucumber
  •     4 green apples (Granny Smith type)
  •     1 lemon
  •     10 fresh mint leaves


STEP 1Pelt, seed and cut cucumber into pieces. Peel the apples, seed them and dice them. Squeeze the lemon.

STEP 2Place cucumber pieces in your blender. Add diced apples, mint leaves and lemon juice. Mix finely and serve vegetable detox juice immediately.


For an even more effective detox juice recipe, you can add a pinch of Cayenne pepper to the preparation. Cayenne pepper promotes digestion and is an excellent circulatory stimulant. It will bring this detox drink more benefits.

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