Tiramisù in Italian style

For an original dessert with the sweet flavours of Italy, we recommend this delicious tiramisu recipe with a creamy and fluffy texture. For a real tiramisu, it will take few ingredients and little time to succeed this traditional Italian dessert vector of good humor in sweet mouths!

  •     250g mascarpone
  •     5 eggs
  •     6 tbsp caster sugar
  •     1 bowl of black coffee
  •     2 packets of boudoirs or spoon cookies
  •     100g bitter cocoa


STEP 1Prepare 2 bowls and separate the whites from the egg yolks.

STEP 2In a first bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the powdered sugar until the mixture is well frothy. Stir in the mascarpone and whisk again for a smooth consistency.

STEP 3In a second bowl, turn the egg whites into firm snow with an electric mixer, then gently add them to the mascarpone cream, making sure not to break them. To do this, use a maryse.

STEP 4In a rectangular dish, place the boudoirs or spoon cookies soaked gradually in the black coffee bowl. Line the bottom of the dish. Then cover with half the mascarpone cream. Divide a second layer of coffee-soaked boudoirs or spoon cookies and cover again with the remaining mascarpone mixture.

STEP 5Reserve your tiramisu in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours for a firm texture. When serving, sprinkle the surface of your dessert with bitter cocoa.


For more crunch, you can sprinkle your tiramisu with powdered butter cookies, as you would with a crumble. You can turn this recipe into a famous speculoos tiramisu by dipping these cookies in coffee, then alternating layers of speculoos and layers of mascarpone cream over several floors.

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